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The Blood Mansion is a stately but gothic home in North Yorkshire, England. One of the grandest private residences in Britain, most of it was built between 1699 and 1712 for the 3rd Earl of Bolingbroke and design by Sir Bert La Roche. 

The Blood Estate has been the home of part of the Blood family for more than 300 years. 


Lady Blood is a bit of a socialite with no interest in maintaining any long or meaningful relationships. She’s cunning, a bit cranky and beautiful in her own way. Her crazy hair styles and obsession with the color red earned her her nickname of Lady. An only child, no one really knows what to expect of this rich turn of the century diva.

Does she have it in her to kill, and if so for what? You wouldn't put it past her. She does have a hidden dark side that many suspect. Some even go as far to suggest she dabbles in witchery and the occult. Be careful when hanging out with Lady Blood. Scheme: "Steal Suspect Card " from another player.


Meriwether - The veteran of some recent war, no one can tell for certain, he just never stops talking about the cannonball that tore his left arm off and how he carried the severed limb across the battlefield while still firing his weapon into the enemy front line. Miraculously the inventor and scientist Demetrius fitted him with a mechanical arm powered by steam pressure and a bolt of electricity.

He’s fearless and short tempered. Completely devastated when all the evidence points to him as the prime suspect. Scheme: "Steal Weapon Card " from another player.

Tabitha - Young teenaged girl and best friends with Lady Blood or at least she thinks so. A Princess in her own world of cuteness. She prances around in her short skirt, long flowing hair, perfectly brushed, with a tinge of purple high light. Her corset adds more petit to her perfectly framed petiteness. Her claims of innocence will take her all the way to the jail cell where she will never confess to the crime. “Maybe I did it, maybe I didn't”. She ends with a giggle that no one can stand. Scheme: "Slam the Door " against a player's scheme.


Lucious (Λούκιος-Loukios) (sometimes spelled Lucius) - From Greek parents, he is the Caretaker of Blood Mansion, his main task at the mansion is basically grounds keeper but he’s got deadly hands. He’s a welder and a fix it man with many tools at his disposal. No one knows the Manor better than he. He’s also a little nutty of course. Diminutive in size, his overprotective nature for Lady Blood ofttimes allows him plenty of time to help out the guests of Lady Blood.  "Happy guests at the Manor makes a Happy Lady of the house."

If he was the murderer he will be the first to deny it without even being questioned. He would also rather put the blame on someone else even though his nervous behaviour is a dead give away. Scheme: "Trade Hands" with any other player.

Zona - She's the 40 something French cook hired by Lady Blood for her most important events. Zona always has a new recipe she cooks up from one of her dozens of cookbooks, many she wrote herself. She has got the shortest temper of them all. Rarely speaks, and when she does, look out. She's never wrong.

Lady Blood: “Zona, where are the Carrots in this soup?

Zona “What?! Mademoiselle again forgets to pick up the Carrots at the market today. You know my recipes require this!

DOES her anger lead to the murder? Her head always buried in that cookbook as she ignores all  accusations of murder in the manor. Scheme: "Stack the Deck" to her favor.

Demetrius - Smart inventor. The fictional Victor Frankenstein was his idol growing up. Born in Athens and Raised in Switzerland he dabbled in alchemy and mechanics. The birth of the industrial revolution made him think of machines on the macro level. Assembling gadgets, traps and reconstructing human appendages made him the most sought after inventor in all of Europe. You wouldn't call him a mad scientist since he would never think of doing anything deliberately evil. He’s more of a, "Whoops, I think I took that experiment a little too far". Yes, he did fit Meriwether with a functional mechanical arm, however, the first 4 people he tried it on ended in a complete disaster. When the murder took place in the Manor and Demetrius was the main culprit, just a look of slight remorse can be seen on his face “Sorry, it was an accident”. Scheme: "Steal 2 Guilt Cards" from another player.

DAME HEATHER - Adorned with her hat that includes the 3 crows of death, she is a socialite by nature who comes from Scottish royalty. She’s into high fashion, shops at Harrods of London and dresses very, very well. She’s the life of the party, but when pushed into a corner she will not just stand by and take any form of punishment or embarrassment. Get on her bad side, she is prepared to defend her good name and family crest at all costs. Even if it means…..the M word. 

VAN MOLDER - Is a Warlock from the "Ordo Trium Templa"  (Order of the Three Temples ), a secret ancient Latin/German magical fraternity with considerable political influence. Van Molder wears the garb of an ancient warlock of medieval times and no one takes him serious enough. That is until a murder takes place and he begins to unleash his magic amongst the those in the house trying to solve the crime or to aid in his own escape. Who knows what tricks are up Van Molder's sleves. Scheme: "Steal Soul"  Trade characters with anyone and use their used up scheme. 

STELLA- Is a wandering Romani nomad (a gypsy) of some sorts,  from the Indian subcontinent. Stella is a powerful fortune teller and palm reader. During the investigation she will use her powers to help solve the crime obviously. By nature she is a loving lady, full of smiles when not concentrating on her practices. Scheme: "Read Your Hand". She can ask any player 1 to see their card hand at any given time during the game. 

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